All You Need to Know About Heartburn Drug (Ranitidine)

The news of health experts took a twisting turn, and the consumers of Ranitidine were suggested to avoid consumption of the drug. However, on this, many experts stood against and stated that only doubts are showed yet, and the news is not confirmed hence, instructing consumers to stop the intake is not ethically right. 


On the same side, some experts claimed that since the news is not confirmed, the drug can prove harmful. Thus, it is important to alert consumers beforehand and make them aware of both; negative and positive possibilities. 


Suppose you or anyone from your family is a consumer of the Ranitidine (Zantac). In that case, we are sure that you must have come across this buzzing news that FDA professionals have discovered that a human carcinogen (a present substance can develop cancer). 


The trending news caught everyone’s attention, and people started lagging into the horizons of confusion, whether the information was fake or true. 

Here, we will share related facts and everything that you need to know about heartburn drugs. Let’s try digging into both sides of the story; fact or made-up.  


What Is Obvious So Far? 

A time ago, FDA released a report, and it was stated that the initial test showed less presence of NDMA in the Ranitidine, which is used to treat heartburn. The announcement came right when the Connecticut-based online pharmacy informed the FDA regarding the existence of NDMA in various ranitidine products in the light of trial conditions.  


Ranitidine and Its Impact 

Ranitidine, commonly called Zantac, is usually sold by drug companies and is easily available in pharmacies. However, it generally belongs to the category of drugs known as H2 blockers. However, the OTC ranitidine is usually used to release and prevent the probability of heartburn. At the same time, the prescription’s forte is also used to manage serious types of ulcer problems and intestine issues. Although, many of the companies are likely to sell generic versions of both; prescription products or OTC. 


In a nutshell, Novartis/Sandoz and as well as the Apotex have renamed the products. Though, Ranitidine is generally sold by other types of companies that remain on the shelves of stores. In line with this, another report showed that the federal department of the Canadian government requested all of the companies to stop the distribution of the ranitidine drugs right away. This indicates that the drug is might not be available at present. 


What Harm Can NDMA Create? 

NDMA is an environmental pollutant that is easily found in the water and foods; this involves; vegetables, grilled meats, dairy products, and other related products. At the same time, its classification relies on the studies of animals and is restricted to humans. 


Whereas, it is crucial to understand that the NDMA present in the ranitidine products is not likely to pose an instant health threat. Studies showed that neither the FDA nor the Novartis/Sandoz have so far attained a report of adverse casualty concerning NDMA.  


However, the classified as a probable carcinogen, NDMA might develop cancer right after releasing the acquaintance of high doses that too for a longer time. At the same time, the NDMA is considered one of the similar impurities found in the specific medicines used for heart diseases. 



What to Do If You Intake Ranitidine?

Since the FDA and other related agencies worldwide are likely to continue their investigation about the concerning issues of Ranitidine, some of the information is not clear enough. In a while, the FDA is not restricting the consumption either requesting consumers to stop the intake of Ranitidine. 


Although, for many, this drug is only advised to take for short-term use. Whereas, if the consumers have not been using it for a longer time, it is recommended to discuss it with their health expert and rethink the consumption decision. In another case, the consumers can also opt for the alternative, which includes different H2 blockers. Based on this, there is no such evidence that the NDMA impurities impact H2 blockers or any heartburn medications.


Some people assume that findings of antacids are beneficial for releasing heartburn. However, changing lifestyle can also work best, such as avoiding junk, harmful food, beverages, or spicy food. Preventing the consumption of this food can help in preventing the problem of heartburn. 



Overall, we cannot resist saying that the detected issues are not less than a threat for the consumers of heartburn drugs. Though the stated claims are not clear yet, it is advised to everyone to first discuss with their doctors and then continue the intake of medications to avoid inconvenience and assure that the medicine is not impacting your health. So, if you or your family members is the consumer of the drug then, make sure your health expert is in loop and knows about your intake dose.

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