Medical artificial intelligence

Professional Consultancy Firm Providing Top Medical Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We strive each day to provide the best artificial intelligence consulting services around the world to multiple healthcare industries.

Our company has had many breakthroughs throughout the years, including artificial intelligence consulting, as artificial intelligence will be the future and backbone of the healthcare industry. Technology rapidly advances as it could provide stability to many medical industries and save thousands of lives. Artificial intelligence within the medical field has proven to be very useful. It can help diagnose the disease exponentially; it can help create drugs faster; it could personalize treatment; edit genes and etc.

How it Works

  • Patient's data is gathered and fed to the AI
  • Raw and structured data is analyzed
  • Algorithm reads and learns the data
  • AI then provides a probability or classification

Our Experienced Team

Our team consists of top of the line advisors dedicated to providing our clients with the best services specialized in dealing with artificial intelligence. Although there have been doubts regarding artificial intelligence, we have successfully cleared all our client’s doubts by testing it within the field. It is now being put to fair use for many services such as image analysis, managing workflow and administrative tasks, aid clinical judgment or diagnosis, virtual nursing assistant, etc. Our team works together to be efficient and effective according to our clients’ needs.

Our Philosophy as the Top Medical Artificial Intelligence Consulting Firm

Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors is committed to providing our clients with the best consulting through technology sourcing to fulfill their tasks in the best possible way. We believe that delivering consulting for artificial intelligence could allow our clients’ to meet their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create the best artificial intelligence solutions and provide the best consultancy to our clients, so they put it to fair use. We want to make an easy and less costly solution for our clients through artificial intelligence so that they can perform their tasks without any hassle. 

Our vision is to be one of the leading consultancy firms providing artificial intelligence consultancy around the world. We want to use the best practices to innovate better technology solutions within the healthcare industry.

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