Our History as One of the Leading Life Science Consulting Firms

We have been in the industry for more than 5 years now and have been delivering valuable results to all our customers while building relationships with the clients. Our company has worked towards advancement in the industry while coming up with some unique techniques and technological innovations.

As a leading life sciences consultant company, Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors has high standards and a proper mechanism developed towards identifying and solving the issues for all types of industries, and this approach helps in achieving the desired end results. This makes us familiar with standards and practices that are working globally in different markets. Our company has worked and improved its life sciences consulting approach with time, being focused on providing our clients with the updated solutions and options for modern times.

We have not just developed our clients but we have built long term alliances with them, with their trust that they would be provided with value and finest results for their concerns. Now you know that you are dealing with the best life sciences consultant.

Our Services

  • Business Development
  • Coordination with various capital sources
  • Product Licensing on a worldwide basis
  • Technology Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Research
  • Opportunities Assessment
  • Introduction to Strategic Partners
  • Access to top tier international life sciences legal and accounting expertise

Our People

Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors has got experienced professionals from all over the world that have exceptional expertise and knowledge and can truly help out clients in transforming their business. They know that they are working for one of the life science consulting firms in the market which keeps them excited about the valued potential that they have. All of them are specialized for working in a unique area with their exceptional skills and experience. This diversity within the firm is helping us deliver outstanding results and values to our clients.

What Makes us the Best Life Sciences Consulting company

Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors is known for having a unique and outstanding problem-solving approach towards client issues. Our experts focus on everything in detail and conduct an in-depth analysis of what is the main concern and all the factors associated with their respective businesses. This analysis is done keeping in mind the industry in which our clients are operating while monitoring their competitiveness and their business model. This helps in aligning the future outcomes and strategies with them.

With this thorough research, an analysis is done for identifying all the options available to achieve the desired business results, while keeping in mind the latest evolution of techniques currently adopted and the technological advancements within the industry. This approach is adopted to achieve the latest and up to date solutions for our clients to help them take their business to a new level while staying ahead of the competition within the life sciences consulting industry.

Thorough research for all the possible outcomes for every approach is done as well to deliver promising results to our clients. With thorough research proper evidence is provided to the clients that help them in having a better idea about the solution that they are being offered and what they would be able to achieve. Our company helps its clients in making full use of their potential and explore areas that might have not crossed their minds.



Diagnostics & Biomarkers

Drug Delivery

Medical Devices

Precision Machines

Digital Health

Medical Artificial Intelligence


Our Corporate

  • Largest life sciences family offices
  • Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Venture Partners
  • Leading life sciences venture capital and private equity firms
  • Top international CRO’s
  • Major International Universities’ Innovation Centers
  • Leading academic biotech experts and advisors in various life sciences disciplines
  • Top tier International Life Sciences Law and Accounting firms