Digital Health

Healthcare Expertise From One of The Best Digital Health Consulting Firms

We offer assistance to healthcare companies in developing digital healthcare solutions that can be used in connectivity and data science for competitive advantage.

Our Digital Health Strategy

  • Strategic Marketing of Digital Health Innovation
  • Target Markets and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Product Due Diligence and Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Growth Strategy and Business Development
  • International Market Analysis and Strategy

Our Top-Rated Experienced Team

Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors does not employ consultancy staff. Instead, we use an associate consultant approach, which means that we use only the best specialist advisors best suited to each client’s needs and wants. For each project, our client chooses the best consultant, which they think best meets their needs. Under this associate model, there is no need to use our junior staff to cover fixed salary costs which helps us keep our costs low.

Our Philosophy as One of the Top Digital Health Consulting Firms

Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors acknowledges that clients interact with consultants for a number of reasons. Commonly, consulting tasks are merely a method of serving clients and their firms to realize specific objectives. Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors are passionately committed to helping clients achieve this success. 

Our consultants couple their experience with our technological knowledge to transform and deliver tangible results.

Our Mission and Vision

As one of the leading digital health consulting firms, our mission is to empower our people to be skilled and customer-oriented to differentiate ourselves from others. This leads to a long term relationship with our clients. We aim to assist our clients in creating unique, lasting, and significant enhancements in their performance and making a good firm that attracts, develops, and retains exceptional people.

Our vision is to be the accepted firm and be the leader in our continuously ever-changing environment by delivering quality services, comprehensive solutions, and best in class resources.

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